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Top 10 Results for, The Most Frequent First Names, of Believers of Astrology

We've put together interesting lists of the Top Ten user data for different astrological and Tarot services.

What does the data on this page relate to? This list has been derived from the aggregate data, of all the people who have used certain forms of astrological products and/or services on PowerFortunes.com. The parameter of this list, is the most common first names, of all the people counted and this data is given in descending order. The sample size for evaluating this data, was over 3,500 people and names of all types were taken into account, without any exception. The period for which this sample was examined, is not mentioned, in order to preserve the privacy of sample group.

  1. Michael
  2. Ann
  3. Patricia
  4. Maria
  5. David
  6. Linda
  7. John
  8. Mary
  9. Ravi
  10. Carol

PowerFortunes, the author of PowerFortunes.com article, Top Ten Data for The Most Frequent First Names, of Believers of Astrology
By, Updated: December 02 2020

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