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Top 10 Results for, The Most Frequently asked Questions in Astrology

We've put together interesting lists of the Top Ten user data for different astrological and Tarot services.

What does the data on this page relate to? This list shows the type of questions that are the most commonly asked, during astrology readings. These are not the actual questions asked, but the areas of interest to which these questions relate. Hence, all questions relating to essentially the same topics, have been grouped and counted together. This data has been collected from thousands of astrology readings and the results are given in descending order..

  1. Gambling and Games of Chance
  2. Love Life and Romantic Relationships
  3. Problems in immediate Family
  4. Personality Analysis
  5. Wealth and Financial Future
  6. Career and Work Related Future
  7. Health Problems
  8. Non-Romantic Personal Relationships
  9. Education Related and Academic Results
  10. Horoscope Matching and Compatibility

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By, Updated: December 02 2020

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