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Eastern Astrology

Vedic AstrologyVedic Astrology The ancient discipline of Vedic astrology is described in the Hindu scriptures and is believed to be a product of divine inspiration.
Zodiacs and PlanetsZodiacs and Planets The relationship and properties of Vedic planets and zodiac signs.
Astrology RemediesAstrology RemediesAstrology doesn't just answer questions about the future, it offers solutions too!
Astrological PredictionsAstrological Predictions The meanings of all the different house in a chart and astrological terms..
What are astrology and astrological predictions?Astrological Characteristics What are astrology and astrological predictions?
Astrology & The StarsAstrology & The StarsYou've heard of zodiac signs, but do you know what your 'Birth Star' is?

Western Astrology

Western AstrologyWestern AstrologyA detailed explanation of each zodiac sign and their compatibilities.
Zodiac SignsAll 12 Signs in the Zodiac The relationships and characteristics of each zodiac sign in Western astrology.
Zodiac LoveZodiac LoveThe love equation between different zodiac signs may not be what you think it is!
Astrology and FateAstrology and Fate How does astrology influence your fate?.
Parenting and AstrologyParenting and AstrologyAstrology is a useful tool for bringing up children.

Astrology in General

Astrology ReportAstrology Reports Discover how astrology can help you to learn about yourself and how you can get more out of life.
PlanetsPlanets Each planet belongs to a distinct astrological group. Find a detailed description of each planet and their relationships.
Top Ten in AstrologyTop Ten in AstrologyThe top ten user preferences, details and rankings amongst several different categories of astrological services and products.
horoscopesFree Horoscopes What zodiac sign do you fall under according to Vedic Astrology? View our daily and monthly predictions for each zodiac sign.
Astrology GlossaryAstrology GlossaryFind out what all those complicated astrological terms really mean.
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