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Six open fortune telling cards, placed side by side with one closed card in the center.Symbols of the zodiac placed in a circle around the sun with eight orbital stars.The symbols for male and female people separated by a red heart with a question mark.An eye placed on a star, on the palm of a human hand, surrounded by the sun, moon and stars.

Astrology Remedies

  • Can an astrologer identify health related issues and their outcome?

An astrologer is not a medical professional and cannot diagnose a person’s health problem or dispense medical advice. However, an astrologer can identify potential health problems, their astrological causes, the timings of possible ailments and a suitable astrological remedy.


Similarly a competent astrologer can analyse your horoscope for career, wealth, progeny, marital problems, or almost any other manner of disturbance. Once the astrologer has identified the problem, he or she will be able to recommend a suitable astrological means of treating the problem. Although this sounds suspiciously similar to how a doctor would go about his business, as mentioned above, an astrologer is not a doctor and cannot be compared to one.

A competent astrologer can analyse the horoscope of an individual a create the following types of reports and readings:

  1. Character and Personality Profile
  2. Love and Relationships
  3. Health
  4. Money
  5. Friends & Family
  6. Education
  7. Destiny

Traditional Vedic astrology offers many ways to counter astrological problems, such as:

  1. The use of Vedic talismans.
  2. Through chanting Sanskrit affirmations.
  3. Prayer ceremonies, wearing of specific gems or colours to strengthen weak planets or appease malefic planets.

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